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Inside|Out Designs Home & Garden Classes - 2023-2024 Schedule - Winston-Salem


Our classes and workshops in Interior Design & Landscapes are one of a kind! Find something new you want to learn, something fun or helpful, something you want to make or find a new path to explore. One thing is certain: in the world of design, change is constant. Landscapes and homes need to be updated as a result of this constant change: new colors, new plants, new options, new ways of doing things. You can use our home and garden classes and workshops to personalize your space, become better at DIY or be a better 'hirer of tradesmen'. As a result, you get a 'new', enriched, more efficient or beautiful space, inside & out!

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Space is limited. Plan early. Bring a friend or family member. Without a doubt, you will learn something new and have some fun!

Fall 2023 (August to November)

September 2023 - Location: 1002 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC

NEW!! Hot Topics in Landscape Design - Complimentary! in Winston-Salem, location TBD

Patio Design - Contractors and/or deck builders may look at your space and tell you what they want to build. That's important, but it may not be 'designed' for your needs. We discuss needs vs wants, trends and materials - the actual design behind your patio. September 16, Saturday 9-10:15am

Dry Creek Beds - What they are, why you might need one and how to create one that works. September 16, Saturday 10:30-11:45am

Using Native Plants in Garden Design - Everyone is interested in adding NC/SE native plants to the landscape. The result is that Bambi and Thumper have less to eat, and you get to enjoy more garden! You will learn how best to make natives work with your existing landscape. September 23, Saturday 9-10:15am

Screening with Shrubs - You can make your fence work and look better in your landscape. September 23, Saturday 10:30-11:45am.

October 2023 - Location: 1002 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC

Design your Landscape - Learn how to update or design a landscape space from scratch. From site assessments and soil tests to bed design and plant combinations, you create a plan you can execute at your pace. You will learn the secrets to a successful design that you can DIY or hire your help. $85. October 7, 14, 21, 28, Saturdays 9-12 Noon. Design your Landscape  


January to February 2024

Pruning - Do you know how and when to prune your plants? What about annual fertilization? Give me 4 hours of your time and I will show you exactly how to prune, when you should be pruning and which tools to use. The first session features a discussion and handouts. For the second session, we do some hands-on work. Who knows? - we could make a visit to your yard! January 27 & February 3, Saturdays 1-3pm. $85 per person.  Class will be rescheduled for inclement weather. This class is for hand tools.

Design A Room Workshop - You can learn the professional secrets to creating your best room ever! First, you discover how to pull all the elements together in one room - then you can move on to other rooms to create a beautiful home! You will work on a room of your choice as we go through all the steps for a successful design and personalized interior. January 6 - 27, Saturdays 9-12 Noon. $85.  Design a Room

Spring 2024

Garden Pole - Have you seen those unusual, creative and expensive garden or peace poles? You can create your own in this workshop. April 13, 20, 27, Saturdays 9-12 Noon. Some supplies provided. $75 (price subject to change based on supply costs)

Seasonal Containers  - Planted containers are gorgeous additions to your front door and patios. Since they can be transportable, they can be used to brighten and beautify any outdoor space. And they are easy to create. You bring the plants and containers and assemble your own, or just watch. Either way, your garden will get a refreshed look.


Space is limited. Classes with fees must be paid for in advance. For free classes, you must be pre-registered. Please contact us (email, call or text) to reserve space or learn more.



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