Why hire a designer?

Your home is an investment. Do you like wasting money? Of course, your answer is a resounding ‘No!’ But that is exactly what might happen unless you ask for a little (or a lot) of guidance.

Your Investment

A study was done a few years ago stating your home was your largest investment. Can you guess what the second largest investment was?

The second largest investment is all the things you do and add to your home – inside and out! And because homeowners add a few things at a time, they may not consider just how much money is being added to their initial investment. You decide to paint a room this weekend. You add some new lamps, a rug, maybe an extra chair two months from now. Window treatments are needed to give you privacy and sun control – those might get added in six months. The patio needs an upgrade. You decide to change the stove from electric to gas, meaning a new gas line is installed. While you’re at it, might as well add a new gas grill to the new deck. You see how this happens one piece at a time?

What is a Designer Good For?

A good designer is an investment that should help you make the best choices based on your needs, wants and budget. A good designer should know enough to offer you options and help make your dreams come true. The designer should understand your budget and timeline, because those two things plus your ideas for the your space are what drive your project. The next thing we do is find the building professional who best suits your project. Then we put the puzzle parts together to help you create your project. At that point you know how much and how long it will take to make your design dream come true.


Can you do this yourself? Oh yes, you most certainly can. How many times have you successfully completed a project like this? Was your project on time and budget with a successful conclusion? Were you and the contractor on speaking terms to the end of the project? Were you and the other people in the space all on speaking terms after the dust settled? The many mistakes DIYers make now causes contractors to refuse a job if the homeowner wants to do part of the work himself, like

No, it doesn’t always go smoothly and sometimes gets out of hand. Sometimes the problem begins with the project scope – you know what you think you want. You begin discussions with a few contractors. Then one guy makes a great suggestion, based on something he did for someone else. And you love his new idea, so he prices that. All of a sudden, the scope is obsolete and you are left comparing apples to kumquats!

Your home should be your personal oasis – your calm in the storm that is life. Your home should fit your needs first and your dreams second while staying within your budget. We have helped many people in the past. We never stop learning, never have we ‘seen it all’, but I believe we can help. And you can be sure that if I do not believe I can help, I will be the first one to tell you.

I hope the person you hire helps you create a space you love. If I can help, give me a call. Contact