Our Focus is You

What we Believe

Our focus is you. If you hire InsideOut Designs, you have an ally throughout your entire project. If that isn't what you want or need, please move on to the next on your list!

At InsideOut Designs, we work very hard to create an easy and enjoyable design experience for our clients. Your space, whether it is inside or out, should be a place you enjoy and want to share. It should be a reflection of you and your loved ones, an expression of your best life and an enjoyable place to spend your time. If someone has ever said that you need to start over from scratch, don't listen. We can work with what you already own. You won't need to throw out what you have, unless you really want to! Your space should work for you, not the opposite.

Our Longevity in this Industry Should not be Undervalued

Home and garden projects can easily get out of control. Our focus is you: how you live, what you want, what you need, your budget and timeline. We want to create a beautiful home and garden, without a lot of stress and drama. We have been in the business of making homes and gardens livable, beautiful and enjoyable for a very long time. That doesn't mean that we have seen it all or know all the answers. Each project has it's own challenges. But we can make it easier on you if you have us by your side through the planning and construction. We will always give you options and make sure you understand them, in order for you to make decisions that will work for you.

Our focus is, and always has been, you. Thanks so much for your interest in InsideOut Designs. We are flattered that you are thinking of using us to help you with your next project! If you think we can help you and your next project, please reach out. Contact

Our focus is you

How we can help

At InsideOut Designs, we LOVE people who LOVE design. Most of our clients have tried renovation or remodeling, at least on a small scale. Did it go well? Did you have all the answers before the contractor or subs asked the questions? Scrambled to find what you needed? We can help you wade through the millions of decisions to get to the space you want and will love for a long time. We want to create something truly special for you and your space and help you throughout the process. From the consult and planning session all the way to the custom design of your space, we are passionate about helping clients enjoy their home and garden for a long time.

We hope you choose InsideOut Designs for your next project. Whether you are building your dream home, adding extra space or updating a room or garden, we can help you make it a very special space!

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