plants for shade gardens

Plants for Shade Gardens – Make Choices that Survive

Choosing plants for shade gardens can be tricky. Here in the Piedmont we are normally faced with morning, noon or afternoon sun. But with trees (those in your yard and neighboring yards), buildings and large shrubs, the sun/shade conditions can be difficult to manage. This article might help with your shade qualification.

Plants for Shade

Shade Plant Considerations

Does your garden space have full or partial shade? What time of the day is the partial shade? Is it dry or wet shade? When is it dry or wet? How long does it stay wet?

Plants for shade gardens might struggle. Without any sun, your plants will grow but might not thrive. The other issues are the same for sun or shade: exposure to winds, salts from de-icing during winter, soil structure, etc. It is important to note that not only will shade present problems, but there are so many other issues.

Take a class

Plants for Shady Yards is a short class that will discuss ways to help your garden survive and how your landscape can change throughout the year. Come join us! Plants for Shady Yards.

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