full sun plants

Plants for a Full Sun Landscape

Plants for full sun yards are hard to find. That much sun can brutal. You might need supplemental help in the way of irrigation for the first few years. You can also plan to add a shade tree or two.

For full sun situations, think about open prairies – yes, grasses. Now, most people I meet do not want me to design and plant a prairie in their yard. However, a few ornamental grasses will give you color, movement, interest (in how they change over the season) and food for birds.

Next, you want to consider drought tolerant plants in full sun. We are beginning to see drought tolerance ratings, as more people turn to low water use landscaping. So, depending upon your situation you might need different drought tolerance in your plant selection. For example, plants at the top of a slope will not get any benefit from a rain unless you have amended the bed.

No matter what you ultimately decide to plant, the plants are like babies when first planted. They rarely can survive full sun and no water all on their own. NCSU suggests using supplemental irrigation for the first two years. This will ensure your new additions have the equivalent of 1″ of rain each week. After this time period your new plants should be able to withstand your full sun situation.

This class will discuss a few plants you might not have considered for your full sun yard.