create a blooming garden

Love Flowers? Create a Garden with Blooms All Year!

How do you create a blooming garden? In our upcoming workshop, we will help you do just that.

What is a blooming garden?

Create a blooming garden

If you have had my Blooms class (and you will need it for this new workshop), you already have a good knowledge of all the plants that bloom in our area. Now the question becomes: how do I create a blooming garden? How do I put it all together? How does it all work together and not end up looking like a jumbled mess? Can we really combine all those textures, colors, sizes, plants types and coordinate bloom times and colors and make it look good? And, can we have something blooming in each season or, even better, each month? The answer is yes, but it takes some work. Are you up to it? Let me teach you the particulars while you work on a section of your landscape. Then you can move on to larger garden sections.

The Process

  • Choose a specific area to re-design
  • Take measurements and ‘before’ photos
  • Make note of existing plants and what can be relocated
  • Take a site assessment – if you haven’t done this in the past, you aren’t gardening
  • Research for plants that match your site requirements
  • Plan your combinations based on your research
  • Install and enjoy your new plants

The ‘Fun’ Part

To create a blooming garden is similar to a work of art. Think about creating a four-season container with several plants. You have limited space, the container won’t be moved so you have a precise set of growing conditions/circumstances. But you do want it to look great all year. If you choose the correct size container, you may only have room for 6-7 plants that cannot fight, must stand out on their own and look good with minimal maintenance.

To have a garden designed so that it looks great 99% of the time means you have created something you can enjoy all year. And isn’t that a great goal? Take our class and you will create a blooming garden Home and Garden Workshops & Classes or Contact us for more information.

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