Landscape Design

Design your Landscape

Design your Landscape will teach you how to re-work a part of your yard or create new areas of interest. In this exclusive workshop, you will learn what plants to add to the existing yard to make it better. I have had students take this class multiple times to complete other areas of their landscapes.

Your garden should be more than buying a plant and dumping it into a hole you have dug after you get home. It is thinking about what you expect your landscape to do for you and your home. When you design your landscape, you use plants that fit your site and that go together well. It is not about planting the same plant everywhere or without concern as to whether it will survive. Planning your landscape takes all of these into consideration: owner, owner’s expertise, home, surrounding neighborhood, survival and site assessment, plant availability, conservation, moderated use of invasive and/or non-native plants, fragrance, bloom time and sustenance for pollinators. Whew! that is a lot, but you can do it! And you will be happier with the outcome.

I have taught landscape design to both professionals and home-owners for over thirty years. You should be able to complete a new portion or update your yard in this class. Learn the Secrets behind Creating a Successful Landscape Plan

This is a slightly accelerated class and you do have homework: measuring your space and researching plants. TBD Winter 2023.