Client Referrals

"Collaborating with Marcia on our landscape and new home design made a tremendous impact in the overall look and feel we were striving for. The house fits in beautifully with the landscape. It's as if the house and garden grew up together." - A. & T.

"I love to create new dishes and my friends beg me to entertain so they can enjoy my cooking but I know they really enjoy being in my new kitchen and dining room. Marcia blended the colors I love and the functionality I needed to create the ideal space for preparing and serving meals. I'll probably never move again."  - S. A.

"Marcia designed our landscape for a continual display of color throughout the seasons. She took the time to research the plants I love and mix them with subtle nuances of texture, fragrance and color that is on display year-round."- J. & C.

"Our kitchen went from small and secluded to large and inviting. Thanks to Marcia, we spend more time together preparing and enjoying meals as a family." - B. C.

One of the most talented designers in the Triad. She not only has a wonderful eye for interior decorating needs and solutions, but is a Master Gardener and has just as good an eye for landscaping concepts. Her knowledge is quite deep and she actively keeps herself abreast of new products, concepts and trends. Marcia has led projects for home that are both inside and outside. Our neighbors, friends and family have consistently asked for Marcia's expertise. - S. H.

Marcia redesigned my kitchen and it is outstanding. She moved some appliances around and this enlarged my work space and made the kitchen more efficient. Her help with choosing tile, counter tops and cabinetry made the task manageable. Could not have done it without her. This year she has redesigned my front yard. Her selection of plant material is unique and blends well with the rest of the landscape. She is also wonderful to work with. I give her a five star rating. - S. C.

Marcia is the most knowledgeable interior designer in the Triad and her landscape designs are amazing. We contact her for all the professional services needed for the interior and exterior of our home. She not only knows how to teach these subjects she can apply her knowledge to any home or business. And, she doesn't mind taking the time to explain your options or make recommendations. She is absolutely the best. - T. C.

Marcia Wood is an extraordinary interior and landscape designer. She has turned a very beige square dining room into a dramatic, intimate space and has brought to life a very drab sitting room with vibrant colors and beautifully restored Victorian furniture. We are now in the middle of replacing a 25 year old over grown landscape with low maintenance, high impact plants. Although not complete, neighbors have commented on the street appeal improvement, can’t wait to get started on our biggest project, an updated kitchen this fall. - M. D.

"I have taken classes for years in all subjects. And then I found a Landscape class at FTCC taught by Marcia. I learned more from her in the first 15 minutes than any other 3 hour class I had taken in the past. Whenever I find her teaching something new, I am first in line. She always provides a great learning experience."- Tom

Before I make any changes to the house or the landscape, my husband always asks "what did Marcia say?" He trusts her judgment and level-headed thought process. And that says a lot! - T. L.