Stress Free Design Decisions

Do you have a whole project ahead of you? Are you building a new home or renovating an existing space? Considering renovations to a kitchen or bathroom? A major renovation planned with additions to your existing space? Maybe it is 'just a landscape overhaul'?

Most people only build one home or finish a major renovation once in their lives. It needs to be the best we can make it as a team. Together we can create the space you have always wanted.

No matter how large or small the project, building a new home or considering a renovation to make existing space more livable can make for sleepless nights. InsideOut Design evaluates the pros and cons of each design decision. We help the home owner arrive at the best choice to suit his or her budget. Projects and decision scheduling is prioritized, so clients avoid getting caught in time crunches with builders, workrooms, upholsterers and landscape architects.

Owner and lead consultant Marcia Wood can foresee potential problems on architectural drawings before they become costly redesigns. She can review blueprints before construction begins. This assures compatibility between interior furnishings and overall style. She listens to the client's wishes and puts herself inside the floor plan to determine if it will suit the client's lifestyle and budget. This is your home and it needs to meet your needs.

There are no minor decisions to your project, regardless of size, space, budget or time. Each option relates to the bigger end product. The larger the project, the more decisions. Better decisions are made when you have the time you need to envision the end result. We help you make good choices that you will enjoy for years to come.

Whole projects can be daunting. Building or renovating can bring unforeseen challenges once a project begins. Whether a client is chipping through layer after layer of paint to reveal the home's original character, or they simply want to create the illusion of additional space, InsideOut delivers solutions. The result is a stress-free process, a well-spent investment and a satisfied client.


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