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How to Cut Through all the Decisions? Hire a Designer if You Need Help Creating your Best Space.

Why should you hire a designer to help with a project? Well, there are a lot of internet sites and television/streaming shows that will tell you that you can do the job yourself.

A designer is there to fix a problem, answer a question and make sure you know your options. A lot of designers might not even understand this issue, but we are not there to bend you to our way of thinking. We are hired to help you based on your needs and wants. And with our knowledge, education and experience, we give you the best direction based on your situation.

Another reason to hire a designer: we will help you stay on track. Most projects have a lot of options you need to consider. Because of the schedule, you need to make a lot of decisions, sometimes quickly. It is very easy to get off course or confused. We help make that decision-making process easier.

Sometimes, the people working for you (contractor, sub-contractors) want an answer from you that will be easiest for them and make them the most amount of money in the least amount of time. So they might not care if there is something else you might like better or an option that will take more time to install. A contractor can make your decisions confusing for you, but nice for him. When you have a design pro on your side, my job is to make your life and decisions easier.

Should you hire a designer? Yes, we cost money – everything about a project costs you money. But a good designer saves you from making mistakes – both involving time and money. And a great designer does that so seamlessly that you get what you need, under budget and on time.

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