Functional and Inviting Living Spaces

Interior design is like assembling an intricate puzzle. In both renovation and new construction, we have questions to answer:

  • What is your lifestyle?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What colors do you like?
  • How much time do you have for maintenance?
  • Do you prefer classic styles or more modern? Perhaps a mixture of both?

InsideOut listens to each client's needs and wants. We understand the pros and cons of available options and can make your path easier -  to a friendly, accessible, adaptable, invigorating, calming and beautiful home.


Begin your Idea File as soon as possible - it is never too early. An idea file is exactly as labeled: things and ideas you would like in your new space. This will help you and your design team help you get what you need and want. It is so much easier to discuss an idea from a photo than in words alone. This can be as easy as creating a Pinterest file for your interior designer - a favorite thing for my clients to create for me. Then we can discuss what you like and what you might change. Excellent way to help us help you.


InsideOut Designs NC Kitchen
InsideOut Designs NC Kitchen

Interior design is part art, part science. A good designer can create inviting spaces using walls, floors, windows, furniture, colors, lighting, accessories and fabrics. However, a great designer creates inviting spaces with all these elements. We take the time to explain important considerations like quality, price comparisons and long-term maintenance.

Whether it is a striking powder room that all your guests will see or the kitchen the entire family feels welcome to use, we can help.

Marcia describes a typical interior design client as fun, practical, and conscientious that their design investment is spent wisely. A typical client is trusting and wants information to help ease the decision process. InsideOut Designs takes as much care in making the small decisions as it does with the large. Whether it's the perfect lamp shade for a small room or selecting colors for an entire house, we are hard-working advocates who will go the extra mile to create functional and inviting living spaces.

InsideOut Designs NC Half-Bath