Beautiful and Compatible Landscapes

A great and usable landscape design can contribute to as much as 20% of a home's total value. Making informed design decisions and selecting appropriate plantings can mean decades of pride instead of years of frustration. You want your garden area to be an extension of the interior. InsideOut Designs combines art and science along with knowledge and experience and creates your best landscape. Site visits are essential for creating excellent visual and sensory design. Client interviews assure that homeowners receive a level of maintenance to suit their lifestyle. And color, texture and fragrance are always considered.

Have you added a plant to the garden, only to see years of pruning when it grew too large? Or picked a plant that likes shade, but installed in the sunshine? InsideOut clients never wonder if the plan will work. You tell us what would make your garden perfect and we create a landscape plan you can follow. Landscape designer Marcia Wood mixes horticulture with creativity to deliver best garden for you. In addition to homes and gardens, she teaches courses on Garden Design and Basic Landscaping. She is also a Certified Master Gardener, a member of APLD and NCNLA.

Inspired by her grandfather and father who were both engineers who had a love and respect for horticulture. Marcia learned the difference between a plant's common and botanical name at a young age. Fragrance and bloom color, plant texture and site requirements were all early lessons. These inherited traits along with a lifelong passion for learning inspire her to create landscapes that are beautiful, functional, and compatible with the natural environment.

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Front Yard Rain Garden

I hold a certification in Rain Garden Installation. Here is an example from my own front yard.

Additional Landscape Photos