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How to Design your BEST Room Ever!

design your room
If you are at this point and don’t know where to go, you might need this class.

Designing your room doesn’t have to be hard. You can do this, with a little help. My class will let you skip the decorator and go straight to a beautiful space you will enjoy.

Design Mysteries

There are some secrets, but not as many as you might think. This is an accelerated interior design/decorating class that will help you go from empty (or nearly empty) to finished in a few weeks.

The Workshop

This workshop consists of you doing all of the work I would normally do for you, if you hired me. Design your Room is exactly as it sounds – with a few pointers, tips and secrets, you will do the legwork and I will help you move in the right direction. There is a roadmap of sorts that should be followed. That roadmap keeps you moving ahead, not backwards to re-do something you have already done.

The Process for Design your Room

Whether we begin with a room partially furnished or empty, we work the same way. There is a checklist to go through and a way to go through it. In Design your Room, we use the same strategies as the designers.

For Instance

You never choose a paint color first – you might have one in mind, but you should never paint the room first. That almost always sets you up for heartbreak and frustration. Now, I know what you are thinking: ‘but Marcia, I saw on XYZ Show that So&So (some very famous decorator) always picks paint first’. Believe me, he/she didn’t just show up in a room with a paint color. The staff has already chosen all the little bits and pieces that will be used in the space. He/She might say they chose the paint color first. And you believe them. But they aren’t out there to help you. They are out there to make more money. I won’t lie to you, while I cannot say the same thing about them.

You can have an idea for a paint family, but don’t start with painting the walls.

Design your Room Workshop

So, please come join us for a very informative and fun workshop, while you create a marvelous space for yourself by yourself! Home and Garden Workshops & Classes or Contact me for more information.

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