Discover all of the Remarkable Seasonal Blooms for the Piedmont

Sweet Pea flowers – early Spring

Blooms class shows you what is in flower every season of the year in the Piedmont. We have the luxury of having a garden full of flowers all year long – as long as you plan!

Blooms – the class

This class allows you to sit, watch and learn which plants to add to our gardens for a succession of blooms. Plants come and go in today’s market. What has always been grown in our gardens, might not handle the climate change affecting our area. There will always be newer cultivars, colors, shapes, textures. Some gardeners want tried and true, some want new and different. With each decision will come many more.

I talk about each and every plant I show you on a PowerPoint presentation. I will answer as many questions as I can and share information gained through experience. Gardening since the age of 2, every year I learn more about the gardens around us. I can, through this and my other landscaping classes, make you the best gardener you can be!

garden blooms
Hellebore flowers – Winter

What to do next?

Well, you can do a lot of research, figure out what is in bloom with your site situation in each season, plan the flowering sequence, colors and textures and then try to buy locally.

Or, you can take our class, Blooms

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