Create the Best Plan for your Home Landscape

design your landscape

Want to know the components to a great landscape? Want to do it yourself, rather than pay lots of money for the design? You can learn to design your own landscape and create a working plan. From that plan, you can do a full install or take your time over several seasons. And you will save $1000s.

Understanding Your Landscape

You live in your home but do you understand what is happening outside your home – in your yard: how it is growing, what will work and what will not, what you need from it and how it looks to others, the soil structure and what difference that makes to a plant’s survival, the yard’s exposure to wind and traffic and noise? This workshop will help you put your ducks in a row and produce a custom landscape!

The Design Process

These are the steps we take when we design your landscape:

  • Investigation
  • Site assessment
  • Survey or plat
  • Taking measurements
  • Observation
  • Defining needs and wants
  • Accessibility
  • Determine hardscape changes/upgrades
  • Research plant material – what you might like and what is available
  • Set budgets – both time and money
  • Determine if you or someone else will install
  • Plan for beds versus lawn space
  • Place plants with consideration of size, color, deciduous/evergreen, fragrance, bloom time
  • Determine mulch and possible irrigation
  • Finished plans
Simple Landscape Full Plan

Does seem like a lot of work! And it is! But I can teach you how to create your own landscape plan that you or someone you hire can install. You will be proud, you will have exactly what you want and you will understand the world outside your home.

Why should we plan our landscape?

Do you want your yard to look like a cookie-cutter, development landscape? Do you want it to look one-dimensional, with the same plants across the front?

Or do you want it to look like you planned each plant addition. You coordinated the combination of plants for bloom and flower and have leaf color and different textures, shapes and sizes? Your plants will thrive because you took the time to determine your site requirements and whether or not the plant will work.

A planned landscape adds more value to your home, estimated to be about 10-20% of tax value.,type%2C%20and%20design%20in%20landscaping.

What’s Next?

Take our course on landscape design. This class will be part discussion and part work on your part. You will be supplying all the above info regarding your landscape, you will do your research and I will help you put it all together. Sound like a great plan? Of course it is. I have been designing landscapes of all types and sizes for over 40 years and I have been teaching landscape design for around 30 years. I can help you. Home and Garden Workshops & Classes

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