Makeover Workshop

Dog: measure twice, cut once!

My Makeover Workshop is what other designers would never offer. They make their money by seeing your space, listening to what you want and detailing a plan. Designers do not make money from clients who want all of their sources and ideas and then DIY. So, what happens when you have a few questions, need to be pointed in the right direction, but do the project yourself? That is where the Makeover Workshop can help you complete your room!

How the Makeover Workshop Works

I work with what you already have and want to keep.

We visit each student’s home from 6-8 pm. I answer your questions about color, furniture arrangement, flooring and wall options, window treatments, lighting and accessories. We discuss available options to make your room work for your situation. I share source and sub information when I can.

Because each project room and owner will have different needs, you will be asked to find all possible samples for your particular space prior to class. I will give your best options out of your samples.

In Addition:

I will address immediately adjoining spaces if we have time. And I will leave you with a list of things to do to make your space work for you. When we are finished, we will have addressed every item we can in the time allotted. I have had students take this class several times, giving themselves time to get a project room finished before they go on to the next.

Each night is devoted to a different home, during which each student receives a personal consultation for your project room. All students visit all homes on the list, learning about design issues in each home. This class is unique in that we look at real-life decisions about how to make your space better.

The When and How Much Information:

The Makeover Workshop will be offered in Spring 2023 and costs $175. To put that into perspective, you would generally pay a designer from $250 to $500 for one-two hours and not visit any other homes!

The class time will be  6-8 pm, dates to be announced in late winter. This class is like none other you have ever taken or will ever see offered. I have held the Makeover Workshop for almost 20 years when one of my Interior Design/Decorating classes wanted an advanced class. This was the one we came up with and the students LOVE it!!!

Please contact us with questions or to reserve time for your home. Contact